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Biomass briquettes manufactured in Kenya

Biomass briquettes / white briquettes / bio briquettes / Green briquettes

We manufacture biomass briquettes from any kind of biomass waste or agricultural residues. These can either be crop residues briquettes and agro industrial residues briquettes. Kenya being an agricultural country the major crop residues are straws of paddy, wheat, millet, sorghum, oil seed crop, maize stalks and cobs cotton and mustard stalks, sugarcane trash, leaves, fibrous materials, roots, branches and twigs with different sizes shapes forms and densities. The agro industrial residues are rice husk, groundnut shell, cotton waste, coconut shell, mustard husks, coffee husks, cassava peels and bagasse.


The biomass briquettes are widely used for industrial boiler use or by large institutions such as schools, hospitals and restaurants for their large jiko or boiler applications.

Our briquettes features:

  • - Cost friendly
  • - Environmentally friendly
  • - High calorific values
  • - Brings out boilers efficiency
  • - Burns longer than common wood fuel
  • - Healthier, simple clean
  • - No black and sooty fingers
  • - No odors, fumes once ignited
  • - Uniform in size and shape
  • - Very low moisture content
  • - No clinker on boilers

The residual ash from the briquettes can be used as plant fertilizer