Waste to Energy in Kenya Africa

Waste to briquettes manufactured in Kenya
July 19, 2019
Affordable and clean Energy

Lejan Energy LTD specializes in converting Waste to Energy in Kenya Africa.

The problem

  • Landfills in Kenya and Africa are full
  • There is alot of waste of usable land which could be put to other better us
  • Loss of resources and income due to lack of proper recycling systems into the economy
  • Inefficient waste recycling
  • Loss of income and job opportunities to the communities

The Opportunity

Lejan Energy realized that the waste in the environment can be recycled back to the circular economy by producing an alternative energy source. The alternative energy could be in form of briquettes for industrial boilers use or electricity which can be a form of renewable energy and can be used for rural electrification or can be power supply to the national grid.

Currently, Lejan Energy is working with many factories with biomass waste to recycle their waste. Would you like your waste recycled? Click here to make an online appointment.